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Annotation of statements/brooks, Revision HEAD

1.1       brooks      1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
                      4: I've been using FreeBSD nearly daily for the last decade and was first
                      5: exposed to it in 1993.  I've been a src committer since 2001 and a
                      6: ports committer since 2004.  Through a combination of luck and lobbying
                      7: I've been fortunate enough to maneuver my day job to be nearly entirely
                      8: FreeBSD focused.  I've been involved in Google Summer of Code for four
                      9: years now.
                     11: My current technical interests include mobile computing, high
                     12: performance computing (HPC), networking, and finding ways to make
                     13: systems more maintainable.  This has translated into network interface
                     14: configuration changes, improvements to the diskless booting framework,
                     15: and ports of HPC related tools such as Ganglia and Sun Grid Engine.  My
                     16: main non-technical, FreeBSD interest is increasing our visibility in
                     17: the academic and research environment.  I believe this is an excellent
                     18: way to develop new talent for the project and to expose developers
                     19: to new ideas.  To that end I am conducting HPC research intended for
                     20: publication using FreeBSD and am working to encourage the faculty I know
                     21: to use open source software in general and FreeBSD in particular in the
                     22: classroom.
                     24: I am running for a second term on the core team because I see it as an
                     25: opportunity to serve the project in another way.  I believe that being
1.2       brooks     26: both a src and ports committer gives me insight into two facets of the
                     27: project which is very useful.

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