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Annotation of statements/dfr, Revision HEAD

1.2       dfr         1: I have been a BSD user since 4.1BSD, a FreeBSD user since 386bsd 0.1
                      2: and a FreeBSD committer since just before FreeBSD 2.0. I served as a
                      3: core team member from 1999 to 2002, first by invitation and later
                      4: standing in the first core election.
1.1       dfr         5:
1.2       dfr         6: I've worked on all kinds of aspects of FreeBSD over the years. Pretty
                      7: much all of that work has been in making the system more useful both
                      8: to me and to others. If I can find something both useful and
                      9: interesting to do then I'm happy. Examples include KLD, newbus, kobj,
                     10: NFS, loader, alpha, ia64, AGP, ELF, GSS-API and plenty of other things
                     11: that I've forgotten.
                     13: As to what I think the next core team should be doing, I think its
                     14: doing just fine as it is. In my opinion, the core team should not
                     15: be trying to provide technical direction but rather to help the group
                     16: as a whole set its own technical goals.

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