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Annotation of statements/gnn, Revision HEAD

1.1       gnn         1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       gnn         5: My history with FreeBSD goes back to version 2.2.7 which I installed
                      6: onto a Toshiba laptop, and my history with BSD in general goes back
                      7: to my college days when I was first introduced to a version of 4.3
                      8: BSD on a Pyramid.  Since then I have contributed various bits of
                      9: code, mentored a few new committers, co-authored a book on FreeBSD,
                     10: joined the security and release engineering teams, and helped to
                     11: get the AsiaBSDCon conferences going again.
                     13: I have served for nearly 2 years on core and it has been an interesting
                     14: experience.  I can say that when I signed up to run for my first term
                     15: I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but now that I've
                     16: done it, well, I want to do it again.
                     18: In the last two years on core I've dealt with various projects and
                     19: issues, including GPLv3 and various vendors donating code back to
                     20: the project.  I have also dealt with the less fun aspect of core,
                     21: such as arbitrating disagreements, which, it turns out, was not as
                     22: bad as I feared it would be.
                     24: My goals now are much the same as when I ran the last time; to help
                     25: increase the exposure of FreeBSD, get the project into new
                     26: areas, such as embedded, and to help us, the developers of FreeBSD
                     27: to get our code into as many hands as possible.
                     29: Thanks for your consideration,
                     30: George

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