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Annotation of statements/hrs, Revision HEAD

1.1       hrs         1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       hrs         4: My name is Hiroki Sato, a 30-year-old Japanese.  I have joined as a
1.1       hrs         5: doc committer (mentored by kuriyama@) since 2000 and a ports committer
                      6: (mentored by linimon@) since 2004.  I have joined Release Engineering
                      7: Team and Documentation Engineering Team since 2004, FreeBSD Foundation
                      8: board member since May 2008, and I was one of the core team member in
                      9: 2006-2008.  My primary working area includes writing release
                     10: documents, doc tree tagging, maintaining my ports (most of them are
                     11: text processing software), and so on.
                     13: The reasons why I am interested in running for the second term of the
                     14: core team are almost the same as ones in my 2006 candidate statement.
                     15: For two years I have worked on AsiaBSDCon held twice in Japan as a
                     16: chairperson with George to offer communication opportunities between
                     17: developers in all over the world and Japanese folks, who are famous
                     18: for being shy from face-to-face communication, as well as to publicize
                     19: FreeBSD to organizations such as local companies and people in
                     20: academia.  It was one of my 2006's pledges and is still what I would
                     21: like to continue.
                     23: Another public promise I mentioned was to contribute to improving
                     24: FreeBSD's quality as a production.  Honestly, I think I could not
                     25: achieve as I expected for this area, primarily due to limitation of my
                     26: spare time.  However, I am still much interested in improving various
                     27: aspects of the quality which include performance, documentation, and
                     28: developer's infrastructure.  For instance, I have continued to offer
                     29: access to sparc64 SMP boxes (currently used for package building), and
                     30: planning a new service to distribute daily snapshot for various
                     31: architecture to promote testing.  Of course, I am going to continue my
                     32: contribution including ones described above regardless of whether I
                     33: will be the member or not.
                     35: The core team should continue to keep its members diverse.  I hope I
                     36: will be able to take heed of importance of communication from Asian
                     37: people's point of view as well as advance a view based on my
                     38: experiences as a committer and a member of re@ and doceng@.
                     40: Please vote me if you consider me as worthy of inclusion in the new
                     41: core team.  Thank you for your consideration,
                     43: Hiroki Sato

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