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Annotation of statements/jfv, Revision HEAD

1.1       jfv         1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       jfv         5: I had involvement with FreeBSD back in the mid 90s while
                      6: working at Sun. These days I am maintainer for Intel network
                      7: drivers. I have 25 years of Unix programming experience.
                      9: My motivation is that I always support the underdog, I love
                     10: FreeBSD and want to see it surpass Linux or at least continue
                     11: to do well against it :)
                     13: I have and will continue to help the community as best as I am
                     14: able inside Intel, but I think doing so in the core team would
                     15: be a good addition.

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