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1.1       jmallett    1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       jmallett    4: Several years ago Mike Smith left the Core Team saying, "it's not fun anymore."
                      5: Well, what could be more fun than standing as a candidate with no hope of being
                      6: elected?  That's exactly what negacore has done in past elections, and what I am
                      7: standing for this time.
1.1       jmallett    8:
1.2       jmallett    9: I beg you not to elect me.  My attention span was surely forged in the shadow of
                     10: the Peter Wemm Murphy Field judging by its numerous inherent faults, and I
                     11: haven't done anything much for FreeBSD recently.  Sure, there are a lot of
                     12: things I'd like to do, but it never seems to happen (which is unsurprising given
                     13: the amount of effort I put in.)  Please, help make sure that I end up as part
                     14: of negacore once again: vote me straight to the bottom of the list.
                     16: There should be many qualified, respected, reasonable people running, and I
                     17: expect to measure up to nearly nil on all of those fronts.  You should really
                     18: be able to find some people you desperately want to elect.  Hell, why not elect
                     19: the current team once more?  They've done some great things and have handled
                     20: their duties wisely and with reason, as we've all seen from the reports over the
                     21: last two years.
                     23: When (not if, please) elected to negacore, I will follow through on a platform
                     24: not of change, but of something even more boring than the status quo.  It's
                     25: exciting to talk about change, but the Core Team isn't supposed to be exciting,
                     26: they're supposed to be reliable.  To that end, I intend to be the most reliable
                     27: negacore member of all time.  If ever a non sequitur or bad decision is needed,
                     28: I'll be there.  If ever somebody ready, willing and able to lead the FreeBSD
                     29: project into a pit of despair is needed, I will be there.  Or, perhaps even more
                     30: true to the job description, I will be nowhere to be found.  I will forget the
                     31: key to the cabal IRC channel and start bouncing all FreeBSD-related email to
                     32: president@whitehouse.gov -- let them deal with it, I have more important things*
                     33: to do.
                     35: You think we should convert the CVS^W^H SVN repository to git, Kris?  Negacore
                     36: will instead convert all of the /developers/ to gits.  As some have pointed out,
                     37: this plan is fundamentally flawed, and we like it that way.  So please, please,
                     38: elect me to negacore, and reelect all of the wonderful people serving on the
                     39: Core Team today for another two years of painstaking misery for our benefit,
                     40: and replace the lousy ones with CIA plants.  I suggest philodendrons.
                     42: * - i.e. investigating the differences in flavor-to-cost ratio in leading and
                     43:     generic whipped cream brands.

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