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Annotation of statements/julian, Revision HEAD

1.1       julian      1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       julian      3: I've been associated with FreeBSD since about the beginning.
1.1       julian      4:
1.6       julian      5: I'm from Australia, born early enough to have been programming
                      6: well before many of the developers were born (35 years)
                      7: and currenly have 2.9 children (maybe 3 as you read this?).
                      9: I think I was offline on the week they actually started FreeBSD
                     10: but I was in shortly after that. Before that I maintained
1.2       julian     11: the central machine for the 386BSD patchkit development.
1.6       julian     12: The three years before that ('90-93) I was already
                     13: working on the BSD4.3 kernel and Mach 2.6 (based largely
                     14: on BSD4.3) for work, so 386BSD and FreeBSD was a natural
                     15: progression.
1.2       julian     16:
1.5       julian     17: Since then I have had a hand in (to various extents):
1.2       julian     18:
1.6       julian     19: The original scsi system. (actually still in NetBSD I'm told)
                     20: The original devfs. (still in MacOS-X)
1.2       julian     21: The first generic (BIOS based) boot blocks
                     22: Divert sockets
                     23: IPFW
                     24: Netgraph
                     25: Threading the kernel
                     26: The 4bsd scheduler
                     27: many other things I've forgotten.
                     29: Sometimes successfully, sometimes less so.
1.5       julian     30: I promise I have never been in the VM system.
1.3       julian     31:
1.7       julian     32: Over the years, I have learned that the thing that keeps
1.6       julian     33: the project going is the general cohesiveness of the group.
                     34: I've stood back for several years NOT running to be a
                     35: part of core, however the stars aligned this time
1.2       julian     36: so I think that the time has come to do my bit for the group.
                     38: I have a lot of historical experience and have, I think a reasonable
                     39: grip on keeping people working together and  civil. I also speak fluent cat,
1.3       julian     40: which helps in the cat-herding part of the job. One could of course never
1.2       julian     41: hope to compare with JKH in that department.
1.5       julian     43: I'm not running on technical merits. I don't think that is
1.3       julian     44: what being in core is actually about. It's about making sure that
                     45: developers can develop, and that the group acts well with internal
                     46: and external players. Sometimes it means "tough love" but often it
                     47: just requires a nudge here or a hint there.
1.2       julian     49: Anyhow I've put my hat in the ring so if it looks good to you..
1.3       julian     50:

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