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1.2       keramida    1: Most of you know me from email already, and during the time I am part
                      2: of the FreeBSD team there were abundant chances to work closely with a
                      3: fair number of people.  Having said that, a brief reintroduction is
                      4: probably going to be very useful.  Our team has many new members now,
                      5: since the last time I sat down to write a core statement.
1.1       keramida    6:
1.2       keramida    7: The first time I used FreeBSD, I was coming from a Linux background,
                      8: and a failed attempt to install OpenBSD.  I managed to trash my
                      9: partitions with the OpenBSD installer, and threw the CD-ROM out of the
                     10: window.  The next morning, I borrowed a FreeBSD CD-ROM and printed a
                     11: copy of the Handbook's installation chapter.  I still remember the
                     12: feeling of exhilarating fun and amusement of actually installing a BSD
                     13: system at home.  The well-written Handbook was back then and still is
                     14: one of the points of FreeBSD that I admire and cherish a lot.
                     16: I guess that nicely explains why I eventually became a documentation
                     17: committer.  I always wanted to help with the effort of producing this
                     18: sort of excellent technical documentation :-)
                     20: When the elections of 2006 started, I entered the vote because it
                     21: seemed like an excellent opportunity to help a bit with the Project in
                     22: yet another way.  To be frank, I didn't really expect to be elected,
                     23: but I was.  That was amusing...
                     25: During the time I spent on core, I found out that it isn't, after all,
                     26: as scary as it sounds.  My ${realjob} work was a role similar to our
                     27: Release Engineers, and it took a hell of a lot of time out of FreeBSD,
                     28: that I didn't expect at first, but its combination with the way our
                     29: core works has visible effects in the way I think about teams and
                     30: software in general.
                     32: A lot of my time these last 2 years has gone into learning about and
                     33: working with various VCS tools and systems.  This turned out to be
                     34: quite useful too, as it coincided nicely with the conversion to
                     35: Subversion, and I was thrilled to see how good a job Peter did.  One
                     36: of the things that the time at core has taught me is a more pragmatic
                     37: view of the world too.  My own choice of a VCS wouldn't be Subversion,
                     38: but once Peter started the conversion it felt most sensible to jump in
                     39: and offer my assistance.  In any other case, I'd probably not done
                     40: anything at all.  After the current term at core, I know now that what
                     41: is good for the Project as a whole is not necessarily what is always
                     42: the personal preference of any one person.  This is one of the
                     43: important lessons I'm taking with me, and if this was the only good
                     44: thing from the last two years, I'd still be immensely pleased.
                     46: Strange as it may sound, I think I have personally learned a lot and
                     47: some times even helped a tiny bit with the work of the core team.
                     48: Therefore, I'm running for a core seat for a second term.
                     50: Thanks for reading this through,
                     51: Giorgos

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