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1.6       kris        1: I have been a FreeBSD user since 1994 and a committer since 1999,
                      2: and have held a number of roles in the project over that time.  I
                      3: started as a ports committer, but have also dabbled in src.  I've
                      4: been a member of portmgr since the team was created, and developed
                      5: and maintain the package build cluster.  Most ports committers have
                      6: heard from me at some time ;)  I am also a former security officer.
                      8: These-days my main interests lie in a couple of areas:
                     10: * I continue to have an interest in the architecture and direction
                     11: of the ports collection, although I don't do much port-level work
                     12: these-days.  Actually I would love to evolve the ports collection
                     13: into a more scalable system, but that turns out to be tricky.
                     15: * Performance analysis and optimization.  We have made huge strides
                     16: in SMP performance, and it's important that we continue to study
                     17: our code to determine where it's falling short.  Some of these areas
                     18: we already know about, but there are always more things to measure
                     19: and fix.
                     21: * Distributed computing.  We have some great tools for this problem
                     22: space but we need to develop them and add others.  It's where a
                     23: large part of the industry is heading.
                     25: * Automated testing.  Not just testing for bugs - though that is
                     26: important.  Measuring performance of code changes is also critical:
                     27: often we only discover major performance regressions long after the
                     28: fact by accident, and there are too many possibilities to rely on
                     29: manual testing.
                     31: What do I want to see for the future of FreeBSD?
                     33: We've shown that even with the enormous difference in community
                     34: size and financial backing we are still competitive with (or better
                     35: than ;) Linux in important areas.  This is something we can be proud
                     36: of, and I will keep working with our developers to continue to raise
                     37: the bar.
                     39: However, we can do more to advocate these strengths.  Members of
                     40: the core team, being the closest we have to project leadership, are
                     41: in a good position to tell the world about our successes.  I have
                     42: done some work on this in the past through conference presentations
                     43: and interviews, and I plan to continue.
                     45: I want to see FreeBSD extend our tradition of solid engineering
                     46: into other directions.  We should be focusing more on the quality
                     47: of our code: analyzing it not just when it breaks, but when it
                     48: works.  I hope to provide some leadership in this area as well as
                     49: working on the tools needed to facilitate it.

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