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1.2       murray      1: I have served on the Core Team for the past 6 years, and I'd like to
                      2: again serve to continue my work.  During the past 2 years I have
                      3: primarily divided my time between advocacy, corporate relations, the
                      4: website/documentation, and Summer of Code.  In previous years I was
                      5: also involved in release engineering and installation tools.  Over the
                      6: next 2 years I will again devote my time to these activities.
                      8: Some of my specific accomplishments over this past term include:
                     10: * Leading the FreeBSD participation in two successive Google Summer of
                     11:   Code programs (with help of rwatson and all the mentors).  We had 46
                     12:   students in the past two years of participation in this program, and
                     13:   33 students in the first two years.  This amounts to nearly $400,000
                     14:   of investment in FreeBSD development by Google and helped bring at
                     15:   least 8 new full-fledged committers into the project.
1.3       murray     17:   http://murrayfreebsd.blogspot.com/2008/02/where-are-they-now-freebsd-summer-of.html
1.2       murray     18:
                     19: * Continuing to improve our web presence, with integration with social
                     20:   networking sites and mapping APIs to spruce up the events and
                     21:   usergroups areas and generally modernize our site.  I've also
                     22:   developed a voting mechanism for development ideas to improve the
                     23:   process of example projects for new contributors and summer of code
                     24:   students [1].  This builds on the design done by Emily Boyd, a
                     25:   Summer of Code student I mentored in 2005.  I'm currently working
                     26:   with the FreeBSD Foundation and Core to publish a privacy policy for
                     27:   the website.
                     29:   [1] http://apps.stokely.org/ideas/
                     30:   http://murrayfreebsd.blogspot.com/2008/04/thoughts-on-wwwfreebsdorg-2-of-2.html
                     32: * Participating on doceng, marketing, and release engineering teams,
                     33:   in roughly that order of activity.
                     35: Contributions during prior terms on core include: primary release
                     36: engineer for FreeBSD 4.x, maintainer of sysinstall, maintainer of isc
                     37: dhclient, etc.
                     39: In the past I've also given talks about FreeBSD at conferences such as
                     40: the O'Reilly European OSCon, BSDCan, GUFICon Milan, BSDCon Europe,
                     41: BSDCon, USENIX NordU, NYCBSDCon, and Linux Expo Shanghai.  I've also
                     42: spoken at user groups and universities in Japan, Ukraine, Russia,
                     43: China, U.S., the U.K.  I've also presented about FreeBSD to companies
                     44: such as Wells Fargo Bank, Fry's Electronics, TechTV, and more.
                     46: I work at Google in San Francisco and devote 20% of my time to working
                     47: on projects such as Summer of Code, open source conference
                     48: sponsorship, sponsored development projects, and other open source
                     49: initiatives.
                     51: I worked from 1997-2001 at Walnut Creek CDROM/BSDi/Wind River
                     52: building FreeBSD-based products for end-users and I think this gave me a
                     53: unique product- and user-focused perspective on FreeBSD development that is
                     54: important for the project.
1.1       murray     55:

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