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Annotation of statements/obrien, Revision HEAD

1.1       obrien      1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       obrien      5: I've been a FreeBSD committer since 1996, and a user since 2.0.
                      6: My FreeBSD activities include:
1.3       obrien      7: + Maintained parts of the toolchain for over 7 years
                      8: + Much work in src/contrib and general code cleanups
                      9: + Been part of the release engineering team starting with 4.1 up
1.2       obrien     10:   thru the mid-5 series
                     11: + I also wrote part of the FreeBSD Handbook & Porter's Handbooks.
1.9       obrien     12: + At one time I had the highest port maintenance count of over
                     13:   130 ports -- though that record has since been surpassed. :-)
1.3       obrien     14: + Donations@ team member.
                     15: + I am a src, ports, and docs committer - highly ranked in terms of
                     16:   number of commits in both src and ports.
                     18: I state all this not to say that one must be an uber committer or developer
                     19: to be qualified to run for Core.  But rather I think one of the most
                     20: important things for a Core member to do is be very active within The FreeBSD
                     21: Project before being elected.  Be that advocacy, administrative, or development.
1.8       obrien     23: I also feel that Core activities should be a priority among all things in
                     24: their FreeBSD life.  (This also goes for all the other "hats" in the project.)
                     25: And that Core members should not wear too many FreeBSD "hats" or they cannot
                     26: fully serve their responsibilities well.  As part of this I feel that "did not
                     27: vote" Core votes should be the exception rather than the norm.  Rather the
                     28: norm should be a vote of real opinion ("yes" or "no") as that says to me the
                     29: Core member put time and thought into the issue.
1.3       obrien     31: My most applicable attribute as a candidate is that I passionately dedicate
                     32: myself to things I commit to.  Core needs active members.  I have dedicated
                     33: myself to The FreeBSD Project for the past 13 years and made FreeBSD a major
1.6       obrien     34: part of my life.  To this end, I strongly promoted FreeBSD at my previous
                     35: employeer - getting much hardware donated to the Project.  I now work for a
1.7       obrien     36: vendor that bases their product on FreeBSD, and which wants to become more
                     37: active with the community and give back to the community.
1.8       obrien     39: I feel too many discussions are labeled a "bike shed" and immediately
                     40: discounted.  I believe the project should pay more attention to letting
                     41: all committers state their position and having their position considered
                     42: in direction and decisions.
                     44: I have been involved in our multi-platform efforts, and think this is an
                     45: important aspect of FreeBSD and a big part of our future.

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