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Annotation of statements/remko, Revision HEAD

1.1       remko       1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
                      5: Dear fellow developers,
                      7: Since 2004 I am one of the "official" developers for the FreeBSD project,
                      8: starting with the FreeBSD Dutch Documentation Project (Which I still lead,
                      9: though less progress comes out of it due to lack of helping people), slowly
                     10: growing into the regular doc/www team with the help from Simon Nielsen.
                     12: Apart from that I also got a special interest in the Security Team, of
                     13: which I am a member, and the Security Team Secretary, focussing mainly
                     14: on ports-vuxml (last commit to vuxml had been some time ago, I admit)
                     15: and helping writing advisories, for which I had done a few in the last
                     16: period.
                     18: Beyond that I try to help out the Bugmeisters team and am helping the
                     19: bugbuster team(s) to reduce the overall PR load and help -resolve-
                     20: old items.
                     22: Last but not least, I am also a src/ committer, not as bright as most
                     23: of the people around, but hopefully helpful enough to reduce the simple
                     24: PR's and commit new device driver additions etc. so that you guys/girls
                     25: have more time to spend on the fun things of the project.
                     27: Recently I am also becoming increasingly involved with some projects
                     28: in the Netherlands, where I am trying to push in a fair share of FreeBSD
                     29: material (all upcoming but in the works).
                     31: In the personal life I am the father of a 5 year old, which most often
                     32: reminds me how discussions in the project also go :-). Sometimes people
                     33: agree with others, sometimes they trash around, which is where I think
                     34: I can come into play. Behind the scene's I try to resolve potential
                     35: issues every now and then. I try to bring the developers closer to
                     36: eachother and try to find the right guy for the right job (or girl).
                     38: I understand that I am not the brightest coder, hacker in the development
                     39: team, neither do I entirely understand all code-driven parts of it, but
                     40: I try to and always try my best to get the best results for FreeBSD.
                     42: I think it's the only logical well-suited extension for my continued
                     43: contributions for the FreeBSD Project.
                     45: Thanks,
                     46: Remko

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