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Annotation of statements/rwatson, Revision HEAD

1.1       rwatson     1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
1.2       rwatson     4: I first discovered FreeBSD in 1994, becoming a FreeBSD committer in 1999.
                      5: I joined core in 2000 as part of the first elected core team, and have been
                      6: involved in many technical and non-technical aspects of the FreeBSD Project
                      7: over the years.
1.1       rwatson     8:
1.2       rwatson     9: I created the TrustedBSD Project in 2000, leading to the addition of access
                     10: control lists, mandatory access control, audit, and a variety of other
                     11: security improvements to FreeBSD.  I have also been involved in work on the
                     12: MPSAFE network stack and parallel network stack performance, jail, the Coda
                     13: file system, system monitoring and debugging tools, the release engineering
                     14: and security officer teams, and numerous other technical projects.
                     16: On the less technical side, I've been involved in organizing developer
1.3       rwatson    17: summits, mentored new FreeBSD developers, helped to organize our Google
                     18: Summer of Code participation, mentored several summer of code students,
1.2       rwatson    19: created our quarterly status reports program, participated in the program
                     20: committees for countless BSD conferences, and have advocated for FreeBSD in
                     21: a variety of forums through conference papers, media interviews, invited
                     22: talks, and by creating material to support similar advocacy by others in
                     23: the project.  I joined the FreeBSD Foundation Board of Directors in 2003,
                     24: where my responsibilities have included fund-raising, project management,
                     25: and visiting companies the do or may want to use FreeBSD to discuss how
                     26: FreeBSD fits into their environment, and to encourage them to become more
                     27: involved in the FreeBSD community.  On the core team, I've been involved in
                     28: technical leadership, conflict resolution, the paperwork of the project,
                     29: and legal work.
                     31: In terms of vision: one of the distinguishing properties of the FreeBSD
1.4       rwatson    32: Project has long been its effective use of tools: revision control,
                     33: profiling and debugging tools, build infrastructure, etc, allowing a small
                     34: number of highly skilled developers to produce an excellent operating
                     35: system despite many fewer resources than the open and closed source
                     36: systems it competes against.
1.2       rwatson    37:
                     38: The rest of the world is moving forward, and in order to maintain our
1.4       rwatson    39: technical leadership, we need to adopt, and in some cases create, new
1.2       rwatson    40: technologies to improve our efficiency, but also to bring into reach levels
                     41: of quality and degrees of complexity that would otherwise be beyond the
1.4       rwatson    42: scope of an organization of our size.  A key goal for me has been to
                     43: improve the tools we use to produce FreeBSD.  This is an exciting time to
                     44: consider projects of this nature, as the tools available for source code
                     45: management, analysis, and checking are dramatically improving, and several
                     46: open source technologies in this area are gradually approaching maturity.
                     47: I think we can make a significant contribution here, both improving our own
                     48: work and improving what is available to the broader open source community.
1.2       rwatson    49:
                     50: An ideal core team blends new hands with experienced ones, bringing energy
                     51: and new ideas while reflecting a mature and hard-learned understanding of
                     52: the structure of the FreeBSD Project.  I encourage developers to look for
                     53: some key attributes from any core team member: most importantly, excitement
                     54: and enthusiasm about about FreeBSD and where we can go and a clear
                     55: long-term commitment to the project, but also tolerance for differing
                     56: opinions and a willingness to be flexible and negotiate in the face of
                     57: challenges.
                     59: Core team members will need to be patient and willing to deal with the
                     60: flames they *will* receive regularly from FreeBSD developers, users, and
                     61: other random individuals who take a dislike to FreeBSD, or to them
                     62: personally.  Likewise, core team members should have a high tolerance for
                     63: talking to lawyers, CEOs, and other generally non-technical people about
1.3       rwatson    64: FreeBSD.  The importance of pragmatism should not be overlooked.  Finally,
                     65: core team members will frequently be called on to represent the FreeBSD
                     66: Project: they should be someone you are comfortable with representing you
                     67: in public forums.

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