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1.1       wilko       1: # Please enter a brief statement describing your background
                      2: # with the FreeBSD project, and your motivations for standing
                      3: # as a candidate for the core election.
                      5: As most of you probably know, I am one of the oldtimers (groan..) who
                      6: started playing with PC-based BSD in the days that 386BSD plus patchkit were
                      7: current and exciting stuff.  But as usual, time flies when you are having
                      8: fun.  It still continues to be a lot of fun for me, or I would not be
                      9: sitting here writing up this text.
                     11: Apart from playing with 386BSD in those days I was a hardware design
                     12: engineer.  Which, I found out later, can be a scary thing for you folks out
                     13: there that perceive hardware as a necessary evil..  My first computer was
                     14: built from TTL chips, my first harddisk a 10 Mbyte affair I bought broken and
                     15: fixed before it could be used.
                     17: My involvement with FreeBSD really took off when I stared a scruffy, jetlagged
                     18: guy in the face who rang at the door in Arnhem (NL) were I was one of the
                     19: organisers of the 1st Dutch Hackersparty.  It soon turned out this guy was
                     20: Jordan Hubbard.  I took him to visit to one of these shops the Dutch are
                     21: famous for, and the rest is history.  Jordan sponsored me for a commit bit
                     22: in 2000 I think.  Later on I was a founder and sat on the board of
                     23: the Dutch BSD-Users Group (after we realised that the original NLFUG
                     24: designation sounds a bit typical when pronounced by a native-English speaker)..
                     26: Over the years I did multiple things in the FreeBSD project, probably most
1.3       wilko      27: notably working on the now retired FreeBSD/alpha port.  This included
                     28: documentation and release engineering.  In more recent days I played
                     29: nitpicker^Wreviewer for the 2 editions of mwlucas "Absolute FreeBSD".
                     30: As a side job I am part of the donations@ team, representing core.
                     32: When the call for assistance came from core to enlist a core secretary I
                     33: volunteered (some of you thought I lost my wits completely by the way).  In
                     34: retrospect I feel getting a core secretary position created has proven to be very
                     35: helpful.  It is no diffrent for the current core team, the core secretary keeps things
                     36: running for core (thanks Joel, Philip!).  For me personally it has proven to be an
                     37: unique opportunity to "look behind the scenes" of a leading Open Source project
1.1       wilko      38: leadership team.  As a consequence of serving as the core secretary I
1.2       wilko      39: stood up for core, and got elected (wow.. I was *very* surprised, I freely admit).
1.1       wilko      40:
                     41: I am a strong believer in "small government", which in this specific case
                     42: means that I feel all the people in the FreeBSD project should be smart
                     43: (and mature) enough to resolve most things without core intervention.  During
                     44: the last couple of years core has delegated quite a bit of responsibilities
                     45: to other teams.  portmgr, doceng etc have proven that a more distributed and
                     46: load-shared approach to the project steering teams is both possible,
                     47: practical and, most importantly, very effective.  Should the need arise,
1.2       wilko      48: core is there to be the arbiter to those issues that need it.  These days
                     49: core works more behind the scenes, quite often with the FreeBSD Foundation.
1.1       wilko      50:
                     51: Don't get me wrong: not everything the current core team that I serve on has
                     52: turned out to be a success.  Some things just did not work the way we/I
1.3       wilko      53: expected, and were abandoned.  Notable example is the TRB, it just did not
                     54: work.
                     56: Those failures should not distract us from the fact that most things
                     57: *did* work, overall the Project is in my view running relatively smoothly.
                     58: We can always do better, and we should obviously keep
1.1       wilko      59: trying to improve.  Serving on core is by no means easy, always satisfying
                     60: etc etc.  But fascinating for me it remains as much as it was when I first
                     61: sat on core's sideline as the first core sec.
                     63: Although for some of you this might sound strange, I am interested in a
                     64: second tour on core.  That is because I continue to be very interested
                     65: in the daily running of one of the worlds leading Open Source projects.  I
                     66: feel that FreeBSD has fullfilled and continues to fullfil a very important
                     67: role in the Open Source world.  "All the world is Linux" is just as bad as "All
1.2       wilko      68: the world is VAX^WWindows".  Friendly competition keeps everybody honest, and
1.1       wilko      69: innovation fueled.
1.3       wilko      71: Thanks for reading this,
1.1       wilko      72:
                     73: Wilko

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